National Iowa Clubs
Des Moines Events

The Iowa Club of Des Moines
Hosts of Iowa Days 2013 in Des Moines
August 1 - 3, 2013

"The place to be seen in 2013"
The Iowa Events Center,  the beautiful, newly renovated Vet's
Auditorium was a perfect spot for the Friday and Saturday night
              Club Members
Front Row:         Valerie Weaver, Norman Weathers
2nd Row:            Johnetta Levell, Sandra Townes, Larry Graves,
               Marie Calderon
Back Row:          Linda Walker-Webster, Donald Graves, Eloise   
               Bruce, Crystal Woods, Linda Brewer, Vicki Whiteside     
       Beverly Johnson, Leonard Perry
Many thanks to the Iowa Club of Des Moines
for a fantastic reunion. Your hard work paid off
and is greatly appreciated.